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Our Story

We found this amazing coffee and want to share it with you!

Our story starts with coffee, at first it was about frequenting coffee shops for good coffee. Then the journey took a turn and home brewing started to evolve. Our story had some ground beans and a moka pot in it, it evolved through the addition of a grinder. We want to keep our coffee simple. The best way we found was through quality fresh beans ground to our liking just before making the coffee.

In the journey of finding fresh beans, we stumbled upon the most amazing coffee experiences. Single origin roasts and blends that could only be found at the roaster. We felt the need to share these experiences with the world.

At Coffee Hunters we set out to find the best coffee beans from small batch coffee roasters that are not commercially available on a large scale. We then offer you the opportunity to buy some of these beans right here from our online store.

Why we do what we do?

While you can buy ground coffee beans from a retailer and make good coffee, if you are like us, you want to make exceptional coffee. To make that exceptional cup of coffee you need beans that are exceptional. This is why at Coffee Hunters we are constantly searching for the right beans to add to ours coffee pantry. If we are satisfied these beans deliver in our home brew environment, then we put them up on our website for sale to you.

The story for a great cup of coffee starts with the green beans. Beans come from different origins around the world. Climate, soil and various other factors play a role in the quality. Quality beans need to be roasted in such a way that it allows for the flavors of the bean to be released. It is like buying a good quality piece of meat, it still needs to be grilled to perfection in order to satisfy. A good roaster will find the perfect combination and create amazing blends. This is why we at Coffee Hunters are constantly searching and adding to our list those coffee roasters that will give you that exceptional coffee experience.

That is our coffee story, what is yours?

Make you r own memories