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Category: Coffee Blends

Coffee Blends

Coffee blends are made from the best beans from various origins. Blends are made up of the different beans roasted together to create a roast to match a specific taste profile the roaster is looking to create. It takes grate skill to perfectly roast the perfect blend time after time. Creating blends is like a song writer working on a song and perfecting it, before playing it over and over to the world.

Coffee blends are crafted with an intended coffee drinker and style in mind. Most roasters would create their signature blend to be served in their own coffee shop. They want to create unique flavours that would differentiate them from other coffee shops. This blend would normally be optimal for espresso coffee.

Once in a while you stumble upon blends that provide a good all-round performance, that deliver exceptional cups of coffee no matter your brewing method.

There is however no substitute for quality fresh beans. No matter how well beans are blended if you compromise on quality beans you are always going to end up with inferior coffee.

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