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Category: Single Origin Coffee Beans

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Single origin coffee beans comes from a single geographical region. These beans have similar characteristics, and result in a unique taste experience.

Single Origin beans are normally categorised per country, there are however some growing regions where the origins are categorised per province or region within the country.

In some instances the origins of the beans can be traced to a single farm. This is very rear though, as beans are distributed through a series of Co-ops in the growing regions.

The single origin beans sold by Coffee Hunters are not normally those that could be traced to the farm. The traceability come at a cost and are not widely bought into the South African coffee market.

The single origins that are made available to customers by Coffee Hunters are predominantly coffee beans that can be traced to a specific country or region. These beans are of a high quality and have strong enough flavours to stand alone in a cup. Normally to create blends, coffee beans with strong flavours are mixed with other less intense beans. Single origin beans that we present to you can stand on their own in a rewarding coffee brew.

Single origin beans are roasted in a variety of roast levels depending on the quality of the bean. Beans with higher quality tend to be roasted light to medium in order to get the more fruity flavours to come out of the coffee. Other beans are roasted a more darker roast to bring out more deep flavours like cherry and chocolate.

We provide you with the opportunity to get your hands on some different single origins and enjoy the taste exploration.

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