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Roast: Dark Roast

Dark Roast

Dark roasted beans comes with a shiny black oily surface. What you see on the surface is the natural oil and caffeine from the bean that was extracted during the roasting process. This result in a bitter tasting coffee.

With dark roast the original flavour of the bean is lost and it is the roasting flavours that comes out most. But that is not all bad, as this style of coffee is perfect for espresso drinks after meals. The Italians are famous for enjoying their coffee in this style, with the French having it just a little bit lighter.

With darker roasts you might find that the coffee taste a bit burned. This is due to beans that were roasted beyond recognition. The burned taste also comes from stale beans or you might be brewing you coffee for too long, thereby over extracting it.

There is speculation that the Italians came up with the darker roast as the blades used to grind the coffee back in the day were not strong enough to withstand the harder medium roast beans.

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