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State 5 – Philanthropist – Roasted Coffee Beans Blend 250g

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Tastes like berry and nut bar.

Ethiopia – Brazil – Colombia – Guatemala

250g Whole Beans

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The State5 Philanthropist coffee beans is a roasted coffee bean blend. These Medium roast beans are sold as a 250g bag.

The coffee combines the best beans from four coffee growing countries to provide a well rounded and balanced coffee. The characteristics of each of the growing regions, Brazil, Guatemala, Columbia and Ethiopia brings out strong flavours that is not overbearing and perfect for an every day coffee experience.

The State5 Philanthropist coffee beans is sold as whole beans in order to maintain the freshness right to your door. The beans traveled from South America, Central America and Africa as green beans before being roasted to perfection by the master roasters at State 5. This blend combines the origins to form a coffee with nutty flavours, lifted by a fruity berry undertone.

This coffee is perfect to enjoy in a moka pot or plunger. The medium roast has a bold body and works  well for a pour over or other drip coffee style.







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