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The Roasters

The roasters forms the corner of our offering to you. The roasters have the deep passion for coffee, more than they would admit. Truly exceptional coffee bean roasters have found the balance of art and craft to bring our the best flavours the beans have on offer.

Roasting coffee is not as simple as applying a recipe to the beans. The bean size, quality and age all play vital roles in the roasting process. Only true masters manage to get the most our of the beans.

The process is simple, we find the roasters, we sample their work and only the best beans from the best roasters are added to the list. The criteria for the best beans are:

  • Freshness
    • Beans are sourced in season and roasted at least weekly.
  • Aroma
    • When you grind your coffee at home, it should wake up the kitchen in the morning.
  • Acidity
    • It should be noticeable, not overbearing and leave just the right prickle on the tongue after the first sip.
  • Body
    • This is where one would refer to a strong or a weak coffee. The coffee body should be strong but not an ashtray.
  • Flavor
    • Each coffee should have a distinct taste; some might say it is cherries, some might say it is chocolate (and we are not referring to the sugar you added). Whatever it is for you, we just require that a prominent taste be present, even if you can’t put a specific name to it.
  • Aftertaste
    • This is what is left after the excitement is gone. It should linger like a good conversation or the kiss of lover.

* All beans are tested in the home brew environment, so the magic of a professional barista is eliminated.

Good coffee is more than just a culture, it is the mixture of art and craft perfected.